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K-4 Mini Cheer Camp

Gateway Coaching Staff

Athletic Director
Richard N.áRickey
(512) 869-3020 opt. 7

All coaching phone numbers (unless stated otherwise):á 512-868-4947

áHead Coaches áEmail
á á
Girls Volleyball
Grades 5 & 6á (Paul McCoy)á á á
Grade 7 (Courtney Fairchild)
Grade 8 (Denise Hartline)
Junior Varsity/9th (Denise Hartline)
Varsity (Kristen Bigott)
Co Ed Cross Country
Grades 5 & 6
Grade 7 (Kyle Verdun)
Grade 8 (Mark Eno)
Junior Varsity/9th á(Kyle Verdun)
Varsity (Mark Eno)
Co Ed Swimming
Grades 5 & 6á
Grade 7 (Nick Goyeneche)
Grade 8 (Nick Goyeneche)
Junior Varsity/9th (Carrie Ferguson)
Varsity (Nick Goyeneche)
Boys Basketball
Grades 5 & 6á(Richard N. Rickey)
Grades 8 (Mike Miller)
Grade 7 (Kyle Verdun)
Grade 9 (Quincy Granderson)
Junior Varsity (Tim Jones) tim.jones@orendaeducation.orgá
Varsity (Richard N. Rickey)
Grades 5 & 6
Grades 7 (Michael Miller)
Grade 8 (Michael Miller)
Junior Varsity/9th (Casey Shuck)
Varsity (Jason Schram)
Boys Baseball
Grades 5 & 6
Grade 7 á
Grade 8á á
Junior Varsity/9th á
Varsity (Ryan Kjos)
Co Ed Track & Field
Grades 5á& 6á(Kyle Verdun)
Grade 7 á(Kyle Verdun)
Grade 8 (Mark Eno)
Junior Varsity/9th (Mark Eno)
Varsity (Mark Eno)
Girls Softball
Grades 5 & 6
Grade 7 á
Grade 8 á
Junior Varsity/9th (Kristen Bigott)
Varsity (Paul McCoy) paul.mccoy@orendaeducation.orgá
Boys Lacrosse
Grades 5 & 6
Grade 7 (Noel Breger)
Grade 8 (Noel Breger)
Junior Varsity/9th (Noel Breger)
Varsity (Noel Breger)


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