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Mu-Sigma is one of the largest Decision Sciences and analytics firms in the U.S.  They help more than 140 of the nation’s "Fortune 500" companies to institutionalize data-driven decision making and harness Big Data.

This is a field that is the “new oil of the digital economy,” and decision scientists are needed for the future at such a great demand that there aren’t enough programs to fill the jobs that the field is creating.


Mu-Sigma Event
Mu-Sigma has paired up with Gateway College Preparatory School to educate the new and upcoming work force. Student applicants, who were accepted into the program, participated in a 9-week decision sciences program during which they were introduced to the field of Big Data and to ways it is used in the world of business.

In the Spring of 2015, the students took a field trip to the Mu-Sigma office located just across from the University of Texas campus and were introduced to the most cutting edge technology in use by data analytics companies. Students were then separated into groups and given a summative capstone project to practice what they had learned. Every group was assigned a Mu-Sigma decision scientist to advise them in their process. The students had to validate their findings by presenting their projects to a panel of industry professionals.

Mu-Sigma LogoFor more information, click here for website.
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