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Based on the recent 2014 state-wide STAAR accountability ratings on Texas public schools, Gateway College Preparatory School score of “Met Standard” with five (5) distinctions in mathematics, science, reading/ELA, social studies and post- secondary readiness exceeded the ratings of most other public schools in Central Texas.   

Compared to all 65 schools in the Round Rock ISD and Georgetown ISD combined, only 7 schools received a better rating than Gateway Prep.

In a 2015 report on “America’s Most Challenging High Schools” conducted by and published in the Washington Post, Gateway College Preparatory School was ranked 77th in the U.S., 27th in Texas and number 2 in the greater Austin area.

The report
(link here) ranked schools in the nation based on a ratio of the number of college credit exams (Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, and Advanced International Certificate of Education) taken at a high school each year compared to the number of graduating seniors.

In a September 1, 2014 Dallas Morning News article on the Texas public school academic accountability ratings, the Orenda charter school district was listed as one of the top 25 public school districts in Texas (traditional and charter school districts combined with at least 1,000 students) that significantly exceeded state averages in student academic growth.

Another significant achievement, and one of which we are very proud, is that our boys are performing just as well as our girls academically and, in many subjects, exceeding our girls.  This is a significant development because in America the trend has been that boys are not doing as well as our girls in school.  

Today, women outpace men in college enrollment by a ratio of 1.4 to 1 and the gap has been growing for well over a decade. Research shows that schools like Gateway Prep, with high expectations and stronger academic climates for both genders, can be a difference maker for boys.  In other words, boys are better prepared and more likely to be college ready if they attend a secondary school that only offers college level core courses.  

Based on the most recent 2015 state-wide STAAR academic accountability ratings, Gateway College Prep School placed in the top 12% of all Texas public schools.  Aside from securing a "Met Standard" accountability rating, Gateway Prep earned distinctions in 5 of 7 categories including mathematics, science, social studies, post-secondary readiness and top 25% closing performance gaps. This performance level surpassed most of the ISD schools in our area.

"These scores tell us what we are observing on campus; Gateway College Prep is preparing students of all ages to achieve academically, so they will be ready to step onto the university campus," said Carla Silber, Chief Operating Officer at Orenda Education. "These ratings also give us valuable feedback as we continue to constantly evaluate our curricula and teaching methods, so that we can implement the most efficient and creative ways to prepare our students for their higher educational endeavors."

Also, in a 2016 report on "America's Most Challenging High Schools" conducted by and published in the Washington Post, Gateway was ranked 29th in the State. 

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